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POSTED: October 21, 2012

Successful Tours in Europe

I just finished a couple successful tours in Europe with Curtis Stigers.  We traveled to Switzerland, The Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Paris, and Denmark.  We have been touring to support his new CD, “Let’s Go Out Tonight.”  We met some wonderful people, ate and drank some tasty treats and had lots of fun making music!

POSTED: October 17, 2012

Keith Hall Drum Choir Xperience was a success

The KHDCX was a great success for everyone on November 10.

The Drum Choir Xperience is a unique one-day experience with a focus on playing in a drum set ensemble.

“We were glad to have our son challenged at such a high level, and then inspired to play better!” 
– Mark & Elisabeth, parents

“This camp stretched my capabilities further than I thought I could go in one day!!  Awesome experience!!”
– Matt D, student


  • To play with other drummers in a friendly and inspiring atmosphere
  • To play melodies of jazz standards around the drum set
  • To use well-known jazz drumming vocabulary to play with other drummers
  •  Different improvisation techniques to express yourself and communicate with others
  • much more….
POSTED: June 26, 2012

The 6th Annual 2012 Keith Hall Summer Drum Intensive was a smash!

The 6th Annual 2012 Keith Hall Summer Drum Intensive was an amazing success including 42 drummers.  Stay tuned for next year’s dates.

POSTED: April 3, 2012

Keith Hall Summer Drum Intensive in DownBeat Magazine

The 5th Annual Keith Hall Summer Drum Intensive was featured in DownBeat Magazine.  Check out this article and spread the word.  This year’s intensive is almost full!

POSTED: January 22, 2012

Afro-Caribbean Rhythms Workshop

Keith presented ‘Afro-Caribbean Rhythms For All’ at the 7th Annual Michigan Music Conference in Grand Rapids.  Download session handout here.

POSTED: December 30, 2011


TRI-FI’s latest CD entitled ‘3’ features original compositions by the trio and builds on their long-standing history together.

POSTED: December 17, 2011

DownBeat Holiday Music Roundup

The folks at DownBeat were nice enough to include the new TRI-FI Christmas CD in their Holiday Music Roundup. They even had some nice words to say: READ MORE